Biscardo Neropasso

Biscardo Neropasso

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Ripe and healthy grapes are selected at the time of the hand picking. The thinnest bunches are chosen, with the berries not too close one to another, so that the air can circulate. The grapes are laid out in large perforated plastic boxes, to ensure excellent ventilation. The boxes are stacked in the fruttaio, a large airy room and the grapes are periodically monitored so that the Appassimento process takes place. A selection of the grapes are slightly wilted before the soft pressing. The wine is then aged partly in steel tanks and partly in Tonneaux.

Origin: Veneto, Italy

Producer: Biscardo

Vintage: 2016

Grape Variety: Corvinone/Corvina/Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Type: Red

Bottle Size: 750ml