Hassle Free Drink Selections


Planning the drinks for your wedding or party can seem like a daunting task. However, with this simple guide and with our expert help, we will be able to sort through the myriad of options available and most importantly make sure you have enough of everything!

Step 1

Free Bar or Pay Bar - now we all have friends and family who enjoy a drink, you've seen it on nights out and at dinner parties so the thought of letting them get stuck into as much drink as they'd like can sound very scary and very expensive. Fear not! Having a free bar is never as expensive as you might think, for example, you could provide the following for as little as £15 per head. Unlike other wedding venues when you pay £15 a bottle for house wine and bar prices for other drinks, we offer all of our drinks at retail prices on a sale or return basis.

 Reception Drink - Prosecco

Meal - Red and White Wine/ Bottled Still and Sparkling Water

Toast - Prosecco

Evening - Bitter/Lager/Cider/Wine/Spirits/Soft Drinks

 When you have a free bar you also do not need to worry about quantities as we provide all of the drinks on a sale or return basis. With over 30 years of experience, we know how much to bring so that you will never run out.

Step 2

Choosing Your Wine - whether you are a wine buff or novice we will work with you to find the most appropriate wines for your special day. Just let us know what you are eating and what your preferences are and with over 200 wines in stock I am sure we can find something to suit your taste.

 After deciding on your wines we will help you with the finer details to make sure you are all set for your big day.